IGV Greenfood Non-profit organisation

was founded with the aim of bridging the gaps between basic research and development of food and feed applications in the field of healthy nutrition.

IGV Greenfood employs highly qualified personnel consisting of nutritionists, food chemists and food technologists, who possess considerable background expertise in the comprehensive assessment of nutritional and techno-functional properties of new bioactive compounds and the blends thereof.

The new food and beverage design efforts are supported by cutting-edge biotechnological pilot systems available on-site, as well as by our top analytical instrumentation which enables our organisation state-of-the-art insights into the complex mechanisms of food and beverage formulations.


Main activity of the company is the research and development in the field of food and feed product formulation and technological processes for eco-efficient and cost-effective feed and food production, biotechnology and analytical certification.

The company is in addition commited to training of young scientists as well as the training of employees of the sectors concerned.