Applied services

The experience of our staff is reflected also in new product and process development, as well as in tailor-made solutions elaborated for consumers with special needs.

Our main expertise relies in developing new baking and extrusion processes and products.

Excellence and Network

Our aim is also to reveal new formulation approaches in order to create new food and feed applications with enhanced bioavailability of bioactive substances originated from various vegetal, thus natural resources. Our non-profit LLC is excellently connected with the industry, R&D institutions, and other extra-mural organisations both regionally and on a pan-European level, these collaborations providing a strong basis for future initiatives within healthy food research and development in close cooperation with the relevant Consumer Associations and NGOs.

R&D cooperation and European dimension

Our service range includes scientific-technical services for product and process development, laboratory services on a pan-European level, including professional consulting as well as training and lifelong learning and education programmes.

IGV Greenfood always seeks opportunities for applied R&D collaborations in national and EU Projects, such as H2020, Eureka/Eurostars, COST, CORNET, IRA-SME, BBI.