R&D Fields

Protein Research

The development and manufacturing of products, systems, processes and services in the fields of grain processing, food and related products is at the forefront of our R&D activities.

We are experts in:
  • Assessing and developing new proteiningredients (pea, rapeseed, hemp, potato, insects)
  • Implementing new protein process engineering
  • Providing new solutions for the: convenience, sports nutrition and smoothies products for the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers
  • New product formulations for elderly, children and lifestyle consumers
  • Ensuring safety of our products via proteomic analysis, biomarker and microbiological methods

Plant Biotechnology

We are experts in selection, extraction, concentration and stabilisation processes for bioactive compounds obtained from micro- and macroalgae, medicinal plants, spices and herbs. We are developing for our customers new formulations and solutions for: food, feed, beverage, cosmetic, pharma and nutraceuticals applications.

We are ensuring the success of our customers by developing:
  • New applicability fields of bioactive compounds for the entire chain
  • Clean Label manufacturing of stabilised extracts

Analytical laboratory

Our analytical laboratory capacities comprise of the most modern equipment and cutting-edge technical facilities:
  • Mass-spectrometry Knowledge Centre with the newest equipment (12 Mass-spectrometers) for protein research from legumes, pulses, underutilised plants
  • Examination of claims, assessment of the marketability, sensory parameters, nutritional analysis
  • Investigations of residues and contaminants by MS; Analytics of undesirable materials
  • Protein analysis by mass spectrometry (allergens and technical enzymes)
  • Determination of food and feed ingredients, fatty acid analysis
  • Investigation of medicinal and aromatic plants and essential oils
  • Molecular biology, microbiology and cell biology Investigations